Julila Lima

Writing mostly from script, Julia’s scores help shape characters and narratives. Either through the manipulation of the perception of time or the subtle shift in motifs, her work helps guiding the audience’s experience, becoming part of the creative process, not just completing it. Intertwined with the story her music betrays empathy towards the characters and their surroundings, writing from within them, in and around their nature, moving through their perspectives, expressing an unobserved face that is not seen and can only be felt.


Pay the Witch (Short) New

Vibrations of the Earth
Out of Time
The Den

Un Dia (Short)



Soul's Changes

From Script: Themes From Unmade Movies and Unreleased Tracks

I. Every Second
I. The Tunnel
I. What Could Have Been
I. Every Second Light
I. Void
II. Gloria
III. Instaverso - Through the Portal
III. Instaverso - Instaverse
IV. Lucca

Henry's War

Henry's War

13 Seconds in Kent State (Original Series Soundtrack)

Silence gets Heavier
The Conspiracy
13 Seconds In Kent State
Time for them to stop

Letters From My Mum / Cartas da Minha Mãe (short)

Death Calls